Statement/ Command

We communicate with databases through Statements. A Statement are texts that are perceived as a valid command.

It always ends with a semicolon ;

Creating a table

TheCREATE command is used to create a table in the database.

Here, CREATE TABLE is a clause. These clauses are usually written in all capital letters.

The basic statement used to create a table is:

					CREATE TABLE table_name (
    id INTEGER,
    name TEXT,
    age INTEGER
Let’s break down our statement:
  • table_name refers to the name of the table. Table names are written in a single word. You can use underscore ( _ ) instead of space if you want to include more than one word.
  • The rest of the statement follows the pattern: (column_1 data_type, column_2 data_type, column_3 data_type). So our column number 1 is id with the data type – INTEGER. Basically, it stores the values of data type INTEGER. The rest also follows column name with its associated data type.
  • Statements end with a semicolon


					CREATE TABLE jamfinity (
    id INTEGER,
    name TEXT,
    age INTEGER
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