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Python is a high-level computer programming language. Python is often used to program software, build websites, conduct data analysis and automate tasks.

Python is used to communicate with the computer through sets of commands that are written in a text file that ends with the extension ” .py “. Compared to most other programming languages, Python is the easiest to learn.

For our tutorial, we recommend users download Pycharm IDE.

Here is a tutorial on how to install Pycharm: How to Install Python on Windows [Pycharm IDE]

After you are done installing Pycharm. We can move on to the next section.

Good Luck. 😀

Similar Languages

Python is similar to C++ & Java, but, with much easier syntaxes. So, people familiar with those languages can switch often. Other programming languages include C, R, Julia, Scala, etc. 

If you are a beginner, Python would be the easiest one to learn. 

Book Suggestions

You can find hundreds of books on Python. We would suggest you to look into The Quick Python Book, Third Edition.

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